Decal is what?
decallagiDecal, self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive paper is more of a product name: Decal. Decal is available labels coated pressure-sensitive adhesive layer (or in other words stick by pressure).
Unlike other types of labels (labels with adhesive glue available only when done wet, heat or glue normally).
Decal is available labels are coated with glue and paper substrate protective layer, substrate layer after peeling, press lightly sticky label on the product surface.
This glue does not need to wet or heated that just one slight pressure, the product label will stick!

Composed decal
Decal 4 grades as follows:
1. Topping as paper, plastic film or fabric. Content needs to be shown on labels will be printed on this layer.
2. The glue layer is coated on the bottom surface of the surface layer
3. Class of silicon (or silicon PE) is coated on the surface of the substrate that separates the glue does not stick to the substrate
4. Grade substrate may be paper or Glassine Kraft protect the unused glue.
Currently on the market there are many types Decal with quality, price and different origin. Depending on the intended use, we can choose the appropriate type of decal (pasted vehicle glass block UV rays, Decal Reflective, used cutting letters, supporting sculpture, light cover matt paste, print pictures to decorate regular or not regular look ...).
Decal size also has many kinds, usually in rolls with the landscape size 0.6m, 1.2m and 1.5m.