How is Ribbon Wax, Wax / Resin and Resin.Cho know the difference between them?

Answer: The mixture of heat on ink ribbon for thermal transfer printer is made up of three components that make color quality carbon ink, wax (Wax) is used to melt the ink and adhesive resins (Resin) to increase adhesion of ink on material mixed in.

Ribbon Wax: When the ink mixture Wax high percentage substance than substance, we have ribbon Resin type wax.
Resin Ribbon: If the ink mixture, Resin majority, only one small part is, we have Ribbon Wax Resin type.
Ribbon Wax / Resin: If the ink mixture that Resin Wax higher percentages, but not a majority, then we have the Ribbon type Wax / Resin.
The difference between the 3 types of ribbon basically are:

WAX RIBBON: Melting low temperature, adhesion to the print media under the central components of resin binh.Tuy inside Ribbon Wax challenge that the quality of the ribbon change. RibbonWax with abrasion resistance, chemical resistance binh.Thuong solvent medium used to print onto paper labels to stay inside or in a dry place. Suitable uses for supermarkets, bookstores and small goods warehouse, less shipping. Should not be used for printing on fabric, leather, metallic paper. Use Wax ribbon can lower print head temperature to low increases printhead life.

RIBBON WAX / RESIN: Melting at higher temperatures Ribbon types Wax, also higher adhesion. Scratch resistant, abrasion, chemical resistance, high resistance to solvents. Resistant to temperature and humidity for a long time that the image quality remains guaranteed. Used to print shipping labels, packaging labels, the labels of pharmaceutical products, frozen, metallic paper, plastic paper etc .. synthesis

RESIN RIBBON: highest melting temperature of the 3 categories but adhesiveness and sustainability as well as the highest levels in ink Resin majority. Resin ribbon with abrasion resistant abrasion, chemical resistance, solvent resistance is very high. Withstand the harshest conditions of the environment such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc .. A type of ribbon used to print high-grade industrial materials such as fabric, leather, synthetic resin and the product label outdoor, regular transport, in terms of pressure, heat, freezing, etc ..