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The label printing solution antistatic


Today, manufacturers of electronic equipment to solve the problem is equipment damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD) at the circuit board level. Use antistatic label printing is an effective measure to prevent electrostatic discharge occurs in static sensitive devices dien.Cac solutions Eliminate static printed label printed label solution dienCac antistatic

Electrostatic discharge error affects productivity, product reliability and profitability of the electronics market. As electronic devices get smaller and smaller and more sophisticated, it is even more sensitive to electrostatic discharge. Material Polyonics antistatic printed label is designed to solve two major problems in the standard labels are facing. First, we remove friction charge phenomenon produced when the printed label is removed from the liner and thereby reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge during installation. Second, the material in this manual to prevent the accumulation of electrical charge on the surface large print labels by dispersing the charge across the surface of the printed label.

Thermogard applied technology, offers solutions Polyonics label printing materials for manufacturers of electronic devices worldwide that can detect real-time WIP in sensitive environments. Technology now comes with TribogardTM, a printed barcode label generation with new features help advanced antistatic protection circuit board and the circuit board components from electrostatic discharge during printing or transparent labels time to use the label.

Design features antistatic

Coated antistatic surface.
Low friction rate charged when peeled off the liner removed.
Polyimide material and polyester printed label.
Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive is not conductive.
Halogen, REACH & RoHS standards.

Eliminate static applications

Identify electrostatic sensitive circuit board.
Identify the components.
Label detection in static sensitive parts.
Baled sensitive to static discharge static electricity.
Label printing electrostatic sensitive warranty.

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