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Polyonics is a manufacturer of world-renowned for high efficiency, custom printed labels, film and tape materials to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions. Polyonics's international reputation is based on polymer science and technology combined with integrated research, design and rigorous product development. Proprietary production process of Polyonics comply with ISO 9001: 2008 registered.

Design features

Tapes A and Double-sided face.
Silicone adhesive extreme heat and high temperature acrylic.
Road adhesion conformal, thin and durable. (Two-sided)
Durable liner ensures operation easily cut to mold.
REACH compliant and RoHS standards.
Resistant to chemicals used in the manufacturing process of electronic devices.
Dimensional stability at high temperatures.
Hardness and high tensile capability at high temperatures.
Low surface resistance, low peel voltage (<100v) and the possibility of high electrostatic dispersion. (Tape ESD)
Fire retardant Halogen-free. (Tape with fire retardant)


Ideal for cutting parts by hand and cut to shape in the power industry, electronics, automotive, aerospace and medical requiring protection from high temperatures combined with the heat-resistant and function slow combustion,

ESD and / or hinder the process of evaporation. These applications include, but are not limited to:

Heat shield protection from PCBs during wave soldering and flat rolled stream of hot gas (HAL) require static dissipation process.
The system links durable, electrostatic-sensitive applications and fire retardant. (Two-sided)
Features insulation and insulation used in transformers, generators, motors, rotors, coils etc ...
Static-sensitive parts of the electrical equipment, assembly areas and production. (ESD)
Dielectric buffer, isolation evaporation and heat dissipation.

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